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Secure Destruction

Data Storage Device Destruction

As part of our recycling process, devices containing any data are destroyed to the point where it is impossible for any readable data to exist. Hard drives and Solid State Drives are crushed into small pieces then separated into their individual elements ready for their base materials to be recycled.

  • Hard Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • memory sticks, floppy disks
  • secure destruction PLUS 90%+ recycled
  • high level of security when handling your data

Credit and Debit Cards

Our recycling of credit and debit cards enables us to achieve two things: recycling your cards and destroying your personal information inside these cards. Using the latest recycling equipment, we are able to recover at least 90% of the plastic from credit and debit cards at different grades of granules. These become PVC layers ready for re-use.

  • all credit and debit cards
  • secure destruction
  • 90%+ recycled into PVC plastic
  • don't send cards to landfill when they expire

Special Items Destruction

Firearms are checked for legality and all personal information is not revealed, unless required by law. We conduct on-site collections and nation-wide pick ups.

The recycling and destruction of obsolete military and police force equipment is very much a specialised area of recycling. We can assist with any of your requirements.

  • firearms
  • military & police force equipment
  • secure destruction PLUS recycled
  • approved & accredited facility

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We welcome all enquiries.

The fastest way to get a quote for any of our recycling services is to call 1300 66 80 70 and we can give you an estimate within minutes.

Alternatively, complete this form. Typically, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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