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Advanced Recycling

We are the leaders in recycling - developing innovative technologies to minimise our potential environmental impact - and in providing solutions to clients, helping them achieve efficient waste management within their own operations.

Using the latest recycling equipment in our facilities, we are able to process your waste materials safely and securely. Our 100% carbon-free technologies allow us to turn your waste into a variety of useful products, without any carbon emissions.

  • leaders in recycling
  • innovative recycling solutions
  • helping clients achieve efficient waste management
  • the latest recycling equipment
  • 100% carbon-free technologies
  • zero carbon emmissions

Waste We Accept

As well as e-waste, we recycle many other types of waste. We accept household and commercial electrical waste, such as appliances and power tools, and retail industry waste, such as packaging material. Other items we accept are obsolete promotional merchandise, expired product lines, defective, damaged products and counterfeit products, and contraband items.

We also recycle gaming machines and associated merchandise.

  • gaming machines
  • obsolete promotional merchandise
  • defective/damaged/end-of-line products, counterfeit products, contraband materials/products
  • power tools, hand tools, appliances, electrical cable
  • retail industry waste

The Recycling Process

We will collect your waste to be recycled. From there, it will be delivered to our recycling plant where it will be sorted. The waste will be processed and the resulting materials will be separated as useful product. Recycling rate of 90%+; recovery rate of 98%+.

  • legally-compliant recycling process
  • we provide technical support
  • trained & competent staff
  • competitive pricing

Enquiry | Get a Quote

We welcome all enquiries.

The fastest way to get a quote for any of our recycling services is to call 1300 66 80 70 and we can give you an estimate within minutes.

Alternatively, complete this form. Typically, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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