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Advanced E-Waste Recycling

Our advanced and sophisticated recycling processes allow us to recover heavy metals, glass, precious metals and plastics from your electronic waste - up to 98% of each unit.

During the process, we extract any hazardous, toxic and unsafe materials from the electronic waste, making the process 100% safe.

  • advanced recycling processes
  • up tp 98% waste recovery
  • hazardous & toxic materials removed
  • our recycling process is 100% safe

Residential E-Waste

All households should ensure that their electronic waste does not end up as landfill. When electronic equipment fails, DO NOT throw it away, have it recycled.

When we recycle your equipment, all electronic data contained within these units is securely destroyed, eliminating the chance of data theft from these devices.

  • desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones
  • secure destruction & recycling of internal/external hard drives
  • modems/routers, home networking equipment
  • TV's, Blu-Ray/DVD/CD players, game consoles, game carts
  • stereos, air-conditioners - all household electronic equipment

Commercial E-Waste

Advanced Resource Recycling can help businesses and organisations implement electronic waste disposal initiatives. We will conduct complete removal, destruction and recycling of all e-waste material in accordance with governing regulations.

Secure destruction is also offered as a separate service. All materials are then recycled.

  • computers, network equipment, all office electronics
  • de-commissioned mainframes & servers
  • hard drive secure destruction & recycling
  • digital archives secure destruction & recycling
  • medical equipment - X-Ray, MRI, etc

Government E-Waste

Advanced Resource Recycling have the capacity to handle large-volume and specialised e-waste recycling jobs in compliance with standards, and regulations.

To ensure a high level of service, we are constantly updating our security, quality and environmental compliance through internal systems, and by way of external audits conducted by reputable independent bodies, and government agencies.

  • e-waste recycling drop off services run in partnership with local councils across Australia
  • military equipment destruction & recycling - firearms, etc
  • schools & educational institutions e-waste recycling
  • secure destruction & recycling of electronic devices
  • ISO 14001 accredited electronic waste recycling & destruction

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We welcome all enquiries.

The fastest way to get a quote for any of our recycling services is to call 1300 66 80 70 and we can give you an estimate within minutes.

Alternatively, complete this form. Typically, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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